Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Want it Wednesday - Jersey Wrap Dress

I am a tomboy and a nerd.  I associate better with crowds of boys than I do with girls.  From about puberty to my mid-20's, I never really wanted anything to do with anything super girlie--save makeup and nail polish.  Since I was pretty artistic, those things caught my eye, but I would try colors and patterns that no one else did.

Growing up that way, I kinda feel like I missed that day that everyone was taught how to be a grown-up lady.  I'm pretty sure my skincare routine is at least 3 steps too short, I'm still not 100% sure my foundation matches my neck, and I usually own only one pair of high heels at a time (and I always bring back up flip flops or my Doc Martin sandals--just in case).

This dress, though... it looks like if I put this dress on, I would suddenly look like a grown-up lady.  It looks comfortable enough, and reasonably flattering.  It looks like the kind of dress that's simple enough that if you put on a different necklace or wore your hair differently each time you wore it, people wouldn't notice that you were always wearing the same dress.  If this dress is as magical as I think, I'd be able to walk perfectly in heels, I would figure out how self-tanner can not look orange and actually make me look thinner (or whatever it's supposed to be good for), I would figure out how to properly blow dry my hair with one of those round brushes, and maybe even how to properly shave my legs without nearly needing a blood transfusion.  (I'm kidding, but only just.) 

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